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by d-force™ Racing Team.
Published with Permission.

Round 3 saw the National Motocross Series move to the lovely Bloemfontein circuit. Well known for its red mud and famous jump, 7th Heaven. A sunny day and well prepared track gave the spectators a great show from all the riders.

The d-force™ Race Team girls were ready and excited for the race, but focused on staying safe and having fun.

Nanda Clowes #244 had a solid day and still retains the points lead with the red plate. She had a good start in the 1st heat and kept a close distance behind Leah Heygate in first. She made the pass and pulled a gap to the checkered flag. The 2nd heat emotions were high and Nanda was hesitant with the winter sun disturbing her vision. She settled early on for 2nd and focused on staying safe for the day. 1st - 2nd for the day gave her a 2nd Overall behind Leah Heygate

Nanda Clowes
(# 244) © Eric Palmer / Afreakin Photography

Youngster Kayla had a difficult first heat, with a crash that saw her having to work her way up from last to 4th behind Natasha Rugani. Second heat saw her recuperate and push hard with a great start and in the front fight. She rode well and went 4th - 3rd for a 3rd overall for the day rounding off the podium step.

Kayla Raaff
(# 22) © Eric Palmer / Afreakin Photography

Tiegan Reed pushed and rode like a superstar in her first heat, finishing in 8th with Yanke Pieterse close behind. The second heat was difficult for her as a wrong selection of goggle lense made it difficult to see in the afternoon. Her and team mate Nanda both struggled and decided to ride safe in the 2nd heat to be able to ride another day. She finished with 10th in heat two which gave her a 9th overall for the day.

Tiegan Reed
(# 24) © Eric Palmer / Afreakin Photography

The next round will be home track advantage for the d-force™ team and all Northern Region riders, which will definitely make the racing intense and competitive.

The team was awarded a small prize from MXSA to say thank you for promoting the sport so well. Thank you MXSA for your support!

We would like to thank the sponsors that make it possible for the team to do what they love: d-force™, Just1 Helmets, Maxima Oils, Cycra, Leatt, Dunlop, Greastec, EVS, Eksbrand Goggles, USWE and Ellies.

Thank you!

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