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22 February 2017

Keegan Hickson-Mahony (# 1)

PE is a very sandy track and is regarded as the most trying track in the country. Preparation to ride this track is like no other track in SA and the fitness level required is unmatched on any of the 7 tracks throughout the series. One requires special tyres and sophisticated suspension settings to ensure the handling of the machine is optimised.

Team Lights by Linea Pro MX was well represented with current South African Champion #1 Keegan Hickson-Mahony and #202 Brett Roberts. The now iconic LUMO Yellow colours drew huge attraction and the fans and photographers had a field day, with the Athletes been asked for photos throughout the day.
Heat 1 was action packed from the first corner with Keegan leading into the first corner, he came down hard and was stone last by around 100m. Brett was in Fourth place and riding at a pace that he has never experienced before, this took its toll as he tired as the heat progressed and he would finish in 6th place.
The 125cc High School Class heat, lasts for 15min plus one lap, this was enough time for a now charged and on fire Keegan to majestically power his way through the field moving into first spot with 2 laps to go. The local boy had a huge following and massive support from the local fans. When he overtook second position, the cheering from around the circuit was enough to bring goose bumps to a Polar Bear. Job done!

Heat 2 started with huge expectations and a little bit of pressure now. Keegan got the holeshot(first through the first corner), Brett was in 5th and 3rd after the second corner. Keegan powered away. As the Heat wore on, the pressure and emotional demands of the first heat started taking its toll. Keegan got a solid 2nd in Heat 2 for an overall first for the day.
Brett rode well above his capabilities and was progressing well until he fell and a fellow competitor collided into him while he was on the ground. With a damaged radiator and bent ego he soldiered on only to have a very hard fall on the last corner. He finished in 11th and overall 8th for the day.

The next Round is on the 8th April at Zone 7. Until then the testing, training and preparation will continue and the challenge to become the best, makes for a wonderful adventure

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