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Photographer: Eric Palmer


Words by Greg Moloney.

It was so nice to arrive at a new venue despite it being chilly weather, to see an awesome effort having being put in by the organising club Phakisa MX to upgrade what was clearly a very good club/regional track into one that is after the week ends racing now a top class National venue. A lot of the riders initially felt that it might be a bit too rough but it was great to see a real motocross track again and one that would not just turn into a one line affair with no opportunities for passing. No, this was going to test our national and regional riders big time with this round also being another combination of the TRP Distributors SA MX National Championship and the Northern Regions MX Championship as well.

MX1 continued off where it ended in the mother city with SA’s finest and fastest riders going at it with very little held back. David Goosen (Out of Africa Yamaha) had his goals firmly set on trying to move ahead of his second placed team mate Tristan Purdon and closer the Championship leader Caleb Tennant (Q4Fuels Husqvarna). In heat one Goosen set out to show his class and lead into turn two with Tennant and his team mate Maddy Malan fighting with Red Bull KTM mounted Kerim Fitz-Gerald for the rest of the podium places. Incredibly Malan's rear shock blew with just a few laps to go and then more drama as hard charging Tristan Purdon crashed too, remounting and eventually finishing 5th. Goosen hung on to win the first moto ahead of Fitz-Gerald and Tennant.

Race 2 and a double double victory seemed imminent after a fantastic start by Goosen again, in both the National and Regional championship. He had to fight off the two Husqvarna boys who were just ahead of a surprise front runner Royce Griffin. Griffin fought hard to be the first KTM in the field but eventually buckled under the pressure to finish behind fellow KTM stable mates Anthony Raynard (Lights by Linea), Jayden Ashwell and Fitz-Gerald.
Tennant leaves the Phakisa track still with the Red plate and with it the championship lead heading into the final round.

MX2 saw a complete turn around of luck for the #21 Yamaha man though, as Goosen, who was sitting second in the championship, had a nightmare finishing 7th and 16th in the two races. Caleb Tennant wanted to try to extend his lead and with his win by a big margin in Moto 1 it looked like he was on track for more domination, but lets go back to my first statement about how awesome this track looked and that it was a "real" MX track that was going to test our riders. Never mind that Tennant is one of our riders who has loads of international experience on all types of tracks, even so they can and do bite on occasions. Race 2 was one of those times seeing Tennant crash high siding himself out of the top berm. He lost his peak and front mud guard and soldiered on looking very "Evel Knievel"esque to still secure a 3rd overall and the retain the lead in the championship.
This opened the door for Purdon to step up for the win in heat two and overall and Raynard second for the day.
This class title will go down to the Final too, exactly what we all wanted.

MX3 has been a two horse race and once again the top two battled big time for the honours. As in Cape Town where the lead changed hands from Ian Topliss to Dewald van der Berg. This time out the tables turned again into Topliss favour with his two wins. Who ever does the double at the Final will take the win overall.

Our top two ladies were once again in fine form and looking to mix it up with the Senior Support and 2 Strokes. Leah Heygate (KTM SA) got the initial drop on the field and was disappearing into the distance but this came to an abrupt halt when she crashed out of the first heat. She managed to remount her bike and bravely finished the race incredibly in second but she collapsed in the parc ferme and the medics who attended to her suggested she did not ride again. This left Kayla Raaff on her own to win both heats. Jenna Bohling taking the second spot in race two and Bo-Dene Scott to get her first race podium and third overall too.

Shared victories were also the way things turned out in the High School class, with Dalton Venter (CIT Husqvarna) and Cameron Durow ( Reef Tankers KTM) each taking one a piece. But this was not enough to drop Justin Sangster off his championship lead and red plate.

Pro Mini looked almost wrapped up with another two wins by Jono Mlimi ( Red Bull TRP KTM). He was hounded for a while by his stable mate Nate Mc Lellan but this was short lived and Nate was left to battle for a share of 2nd and 3rd in both heats with Swaziland’s finest Blake Young.

85cc Jnr was a bit more of a monopoly with the top contenders fighting hard on a very difficult circuit for the slightly smaller wheeled bikes. Wesley McGavin with a 2-1 in the two heats took the overall for the day. Emmanuel Bako came back from Zone 7 disappointment to finish 2nd and Troy Muraour despite not on the finish podium officially having only finished 4th behind Luke Grundy, was gifted with the much sort after red plate.

Unbelievably the Mynhardt road show continued in 65cc with another double for Lucca but two uncharacteristically bad starts from younger Andrea left him second overall in the 50s. Giving both Damien Venter and Blade Tiley chances to win their first heats in the nationals.

This means every single class will be fought for at the TRP Distributors SA MX National Championship Final on the 20th of October at Dirt Bronco in Krugersdorp, Gauteng. You definitely do not want to miss out on this incredible journey's conclusion. See you there!


Photographer: Eric Palmer


Results - 2018 TRP Distributors SA MX National, Round 6 Phakisa MX, Welkom.

MX1 - Overall
1. David Goosen (Yamaha) 50 pts; 2. Caleb Tennant (Husqvarna) 42 pts; 3. Kerim Fitz-Gerald (KTM) 39 pts.

MX2 - Overall
1. Tristan Purdon (Yamaha) 47 pts; 2. Anthony Raynard (KTM) 39 pts; 3. Caleb Tennant (Husqvarna) 38 pts.

MX3 - Overall
1. Ian Topliss 50 pts; 2. Dewald van der Berg 44 pts; 3. Brett Bircher 40 pts.

Ladies - Overall
1. Kayla Raaff 50 pts; 2. Jenna Bohling 42 pts; 3. Bo-Dene Scott 39 pts.

High School - Overall
1. Cameron Durow 47 pts; 2. Dalton Venter 47 pts; 3. Justin Sangster 40 pts.

Pro Mini - Overall
1. Jonathan Mlimi 50 pts; 2. Blake Young 42 pts; 3. Nate Mc Lellan 39 pts.

85cc Juniors - Overall
1. Wesley McGavin 47pts; 2. Emmanuel Bako 45 pts; 3. Luke Grundy 41 pts.

65cc - Overall
1. Lucca Mynhardt 50pts; 2. Emmanuel Bako 41pts; 3. Neil van der Vyver 40 pts.

50cc - Overall
1. Blade Tilley 47pts; 2. Andrea Mynhardt 42 pts; 3. Damien Venter 42pts.


Photographer: Eric Palmer


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