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Photographer: Eric Palmer


Words by Greg Moloney.

The TRP Distributors SA MX National Championship headed to the mother city for its fifth round of the 2018 season. After this round was postponed and swapped with the Pietermaritzburg National earlier in the year because of the water issues in the Cape, lots of riders were eager to get to the newest version of Zone 7. Most notably MX1 and MX2 championship points leader Caleb Tennant of Q4 Fuels Husqvarna Racing who was ready to show the rest of his championship rivals who was boss in his house and a record crowd turned out for that. The other hot contender in any Cape Town event would be Anthony Raynard of Lights by Linea KTM being a Capetonian and a rider who always does well at Zone 7. It was a mixed bag of luck for both these riders and a few others too in the continued hunt for the number one plate in South African Motocross.

In heat 1 of MX1 it was a very determined ride from Out of Africa Yamaha's David Goosen that saw him choose a far outside starting gate which paid off as he holeshotted the first race and eventually went on to win it as well. His team mate Tristan Purdon fought off the hot favourite Caleb Tennant for second and third respectively. A few other very good rides came through into the top 10 including newly crowned Desert 1000 winner Ross Branch from Botswana and young up and coming Zimbabwean star Jayden Ashwell.
Heat 2 saw the roles changed up slightly with Purdon having to initially fight his way to the front to beat off the contenders in Tennant and Goosen. Purdon took a 2-1 for the overall but Tennant’s solid 3-2 performance kept him in red number board status heading to the next round in Welkom at the Phakisa MX track.

MX2 is arguably one of SA motorsports most competitive categories and once again this was exactly the case with Caleb Tennant continuing his winning ways in the first heat despite a crash. His Q4 Fuels Husqvarna team mate Matthew ‘Maddy’ Malan blew out one of the berms and went off track as well in heat 1 but he hung on only just to beat a last lap onslaught by David Goosen. Caleb had promised his fans a double and that’s exactly what he delivered with Malan in closer attendance for 2nd and Goosen very close for 3rd. Caleb also maintained his points lead in MX2.

In MX3 Dewald van der Berg of R&M Racing came to Cape Town and found himself a mere two points behind multiple SA champ Ian Topliss of Out of Africa Yamaha. Wins were all that mattered for these competitors and Van der Berg took 1-1 and Topliss 2-2 to once again see a change in the points lead. The Husqvarna rider now has an 8 point lead heading into round 6. Dylan Donald and Brett Bircher shared the third step in both moto’s.

The brat pack never disappoint and another awesome display of High School action went on through both heats of racing. A little bit of international flair was also part of the mix with Holland's Rob van de Veerdonk giving our usual front runners a bit of a run for their money. Rob is Cameron Durow’s team mate from Europe.
CIT Husqvarna’s Dalton Venter eventually beat out the Dutch rider with a 1-2. Local favourite Justin Sangster had some work to do in heat 1 but the 3-1 gave him second overall with Van de Veerdonk in third.

Ladies were in full attendance with 14 riders in the gate and Kayla Raaff of dForce Racing beat out a very hard battle with Leah Heygate of KTM SA.
In heat 2 to the order was reversed and although Leah took the win Kayla's second place was good enough to keep the red plate for Welkom. Natasha Rugani took third overall.

On his return from winning his European Championship it was going to be very hard for anyone to catch Red Bull KTM’s Camden Mc Clellan and even though his team mate Jonathan Mlimi tried by taking the holeshot he would have to settle for 3-3 but still maintains the points lead for Round 6.

Championship points leader Emmanuel Bako had a big crash in the 1st heat seeing him sidelined and that left the door open for Troy Muraour to win twice off Luke Grundy and Wesley McGavin in the 85cc Juniors.

Staying true to form in MX 65 Lucca Mynhardt also doubled on the day and is proving to be a hard man to beat. But then again it must run in the family younger brother Andrea taking the double in the 50cc class as well. Both brothers retain the points lead.

MX SA once again must be applauded for their efforts particularly in the hard economic climate having fielded 144 riders in total and ensuring additional partners, like Lights by Linea came on board to assist with the prize monies handed out at the end of another excellent days racing. Hats off as well to Johan Spies and his Zone 7 team too for a well prepped track that produced great racing.

See you all in Welkom on 8 Sept for the penultimate round of 2018's TRP Distributors SA MX National Championship.


Photographer: Eric Palmer


Results - 2018 TRP Distributors SA MX National, Round 5 Zone 7, Cape Town.

MX1 – Overall
1. Tristan Pudon 47 pts; 2. David Goosen 45 pts; 3. Caleb Tennant 42 pts.

MX2 – Overall
1. Caleb Tennant 50 pts; 2. Matthew Malan 44 pts; 3. David Goosen 39 pts.

MX3 – Overall
1. Dewald van der Berg 50 pts; 2. Ian Topliss 44 pts; 3. Brett Bircher 39 pts.

Ladies – Overall
1. Leah Heygate 47 pts; 2. Kayla Raaff 47 pts; 3. Natasha Rugani 39 pts.

High School – Overall
1. Dalton Venter 47 pts; 2. Justin Sangster 45 pts; 3. Rob van de Veerdonk 42 pts.

Pro Mini – Overall
1. Camden Mc Lellan 50 pts; 2. Mark-Anthony Filip 44 pts; 3. Jonathan Mlimi 40 pts.

85cc Juniors – Overall
1. Troy Muraour 50 pts; 2. Luke John Grundy 44 pts; 3. Wesley McGavin 40 pts.

65cc – Overall
1. Lucca Mynhardt 50 pts; 2. Neil van der Vyvyer 44 pts; 3. Wyatt McGregor 38 pts.

50cc – Overall (Provisional)
1. Andrea Mynhardt 50 pts; 2. Chase Bekker 42 pts; 3. Nicol Smit 40pts.


Photographer: Eric Palmer


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