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Words by SAWMX.


SAWMX – South African Women in Motocross is focusing on raising the profile of all the women involved and united with the same passion for motocross in South Africa and bringing their presence into the limelight. SAWMX will speak, listen and create change on behalf of women’s motocross.

SAWMX is a non-profit organisation, encouraging more ladies, young and old, to take part in the sport and raise awareness for the sport in South Africa for amateur and professional levels. Woman get a lot of recognition in sports such as rugby, cricket, and soccer, yet motocross and motorsport in general are missing.
 Feature riders
 Support of women’s racing events
 Ride days for women
 Work with MX SA for women in motocross
 Bring women together via social media networking

Sponsorships and/or donations are welcome to assist these ladies reach and continue with their dreams and aspirations as athletes in a male dominated sport and for many to get that Championship that they work so hard for.

Being an organisation where woman can feel they belong, ladies from all ages are encouraged to take part in this lifestyle, where riders as young as six years of age, and the oldest forty-eight, not taking any judgement, and following a sport or career (for some) that will take them to new heights.

Women’s motocross IS NOT a dying sport.

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