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Event Regulations

SR – MXSA (15.03.2020)

Round 1

This is a grass roots development series.

Date: Sunday 9 Febuary
Venue: Dirt Bronco Raceway, Krugersdorp
Address: Viscount Road, Luipaardsvlei, Krugersdorp
Spectators: R10 entry per person, Kids U12 are free.

Food and beverages on sale.

How to Enter Moto Kids 2020

  • Get a 2020 Moto Kids Licence from the MSA Online System – the entry cannot be completed without a licence number and PDF licence upload
  • Once you have the licence go to
  • Click on Moto Kids
  • Select Moto Kids Entries
  • Click enter race and complete all the steps
  • Ensure you have the MSA licence number as well as PDF licence handy to complete the competitor info section

You will receive an automated e mail with banking details – please effect payment and e mail the pop to me

Moto Kids Spectator Information

Please note Right of Admission is reserved at all of our events.

We would like to take this time to appeal to all fans, spectators and supporters for your assistance. Inappropriate behaviour by any individual will not be tolerated and we ask that you be aware of the following rules.

  1. Anyone that causes any damage to property will be held liable and will be responsible for the cost of repair.
  2. Please respect the staff working at the venue entrance and abide by the rules in place for the event. By entering the premises you accept the terms and conditions by which the event is being run.
  3. Anyone found on track that should not be there will be removed from the premises and prevented from returning.
  4. Only rider race vehicles may be parked in the pit area. All other vehicles must be parked in the designated public parking area. (If available)
  5. Helmets to be worn at all times when on any form of motorcycle is in the venue.
  6. Bikes to be ridden at a walking pace only in the venue.
  7. No pets allowed.
  8. No fireworks, fire arms or any type of weapon, this includes items like paint ball guns.
  9. If something is lost or found please report it to the race secretary.
  10. Alcohol may only be consumed in the designated spectator area’s.
  11. Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the pits or in the vicinity of fuel or other flammable liquids / materials. Offenders may be penalised by race officials.
  12. Make sure you do not leave any trash lying around . Use the dustbins supplied.
  13. Promotional products may not be distributed without consent from the promoters MX SA.
  14. Sampling of any products, food or beverage is strictly prohibited without consent from the promoters MX SA.

Warning – Motorsport is dangerous.
In view of the high speeds attained by the competitors, accidents can happen. The promoters and organisers of this race meeting/event/competition cannot guarantee your safety. You are present at your own risk.
Vrywaring – Motorsport is gevaarlik.
Weens die hoë snelhede wat deur deelnemers bereik word, kan ongelukke gebeur. Die promoter’s en organiseerders van hierdie byeenkoms kan derhalwe nie die veiligheid van toeskouers waarborg nie. U is teenwoordig op u eie risiko.
Isilumkiso – Ukhuphiswano lwe-moto luyinggozi.
Kangangohlobo lokuba abaqgatsi abaqhuba iimoto ngamendu aphakamileyo nengozi zingenzeka. Abaxhasi nabagqugquzeli bolu khuphiswano abanaso isiqinisekiso sokuphepha kuwo wonke umntu ongumbukeli wolu khupiswano. Ngokuba apha ubomi bakho busengozini.
Isexwayiso – Ngobungozi bomjaho wezimoto.
Maqondana nesivinini esiba emjahweni wezimoto ingozi ingenzeka kalula. Abagqugquzeli nabahleli balomjaho abanaso isiqinisekiso sokuphepha kwezi bukeli. Ukuphepha kwakho kusezandleni zakho.


Medical Supplier:

Mibern Medi-Call