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by d-force™ Racing Team.
Published with Permission.

The final round went down at the famous Terra Topia motocross track in Dieplsoot, Gauteng. Hundreds of fans came to support the national motocross riders and championship contenders. The d-force girls were excited amd nervous to end the season.

Tiegan Reed (# 24)

Practice times were good for the d-force girls. Kayla and Nanda who got 1st and 2nd respectively. Tiegan was loving her home track as she placed 7th in practice.

Heat 1: Kayla got an excellent start with a holeshot. Nanda slid and came mid pack, with her team mate Tiegan right there.
Kayla took the early lead as Leah and Nanda chased after her. Kayla rode like a star and took her second heat win for the year. Nanda came in 3rd with Tiegan finishing in front of Yanke in 7th.

Kayla Raaff (# 22)

Heat 2: Tiegan and Kayla had great starts out the gate, Kayla immediately taking 1st place. Nanda stayed in 3rd after the start. Tiegan rode her heart out and placed 6th for heat two. Kayla rode an amazing race and made it her first 1-1 of the year at her home track. Nanda came in a safe 2nd with the championship in mind.

Overall results gave Kayla an overall win, Tiegan an awesome 6th place and Nanda a 2nd overall.

Nanda Clowes (# 244)

Nanda won the 2017 Championship title. The first championship for d-force race team.

We would like to thank the sponsors that made this year possible as well as Motorsport South Africa.
Big shutout to these awesome brands: d-force, Just1 Helmets, Maxima Oils, Cycra, Leatt, Dunlop, Greastec, EVS, Eksbrand Goggles, U-Flex headwear and USWE.

Thank you!

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