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New Competitors

Please read the following carefully as the information will guide you through the Online entry system to ensure that everything is done electronically.

Please follow these guidelines to enter.

  1. Complete the Online Entry form by clicking here – Ensure that each rider completes a separate form. You can enter 2 classes for the SAME RIDER on the same entry.  Download a copy of the Legends MX Track - 2024 Round 1 SR’s

  2. Be sure to have your rider licence on hand downloaded in PDF format before entering – this needs to be uploaded when doing your entry. Purchase your MX National licence by clicking here

  3. Rider and Mechanic (will be sent a complimentary ticket) are free entry to the venue and additional crew and spectator for this event is R80pp , under 12 free.

  4. Download the Online Self scrutineering form should you require. Change of motorcycle forms will be available from the race secretary.

  5. Ensure to make Payment for your entry prior to WEDNESDAY, 21 FEBRUARY 2024 @ 20:00. Remember to calculate your entry fee as well as each additional crew members fee.  No on the day payments will be accepted so please pay before the Thursday before the race.

  6. Ensure that you mail a copy of your MSA License as well as the proof of payment to , failure to do so will result in a non – entry. NO EXCEPTIONS

  7. Covid protocols may apply as per Government Legislation. 

  8. If you want to see who entered , follow the link to the entries by clicking here

  9. In the entry process , please note that the question pertaining to whether you are not the rider entering, this licence information is for manufacturer teams (Entrants licence). This field is not required for parents entering on behalf of their children. Parents can add Sponsor information in the sponsors block. The rider licence section is mandatory

  10. The South African Motocross SSR’s may be downloaded by clicking here

If you follow these steps, your electronic entry will be successful, and you will be able to enjoy the day of racing with us.

Please forward all proof of payments to

For any questions related to your entry, please email

For any queries related to pits, please email

For any other queries , please email

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For a detailed breakdown of the classes download the 2024 SAMXN Handbook.

  • MX50cc

  • MX65cc

  • MX85cc

  • MX Supermini

  • MX High School

  • MX 1

  • MX 2

  • MX 3

  • MX Ladies

  • Senior Support is not a national class, however may be run at some venues


1. Pre Entries
You have to pre-enter for each race through a link on this website. Or as distributed via approved platforms.

2. On the Day Entries – We regret – You are no longer able to enter at the event on the day.  As the discretion of the organisers.


When a competitor takes out a licence they also take out Personal Accident Insurance. This insurance is part of the licence application.
For all the information on the MSA Claims and Protocol, Claims Process, Claims forms and any other queries go to


Competitors who win prize money will receive an email from the MSA MX Commission, requesting the required banking details. Prize money is paid after each event.


The deadline for refund or credit requests is 6am the day of an event. No requests after the deadline will be processed.
In the case of a competitor not being able to attend a race that they have already entered, an official request must be submitted via e-mail for a refund or credit. Your e-mail must give a full explanation as to why you can no longer attend the event. If you would like to make an official request for a refund or credit please e-mail the hosting club’s race secretary for the event in question. Processing of requests take approximately 1 week.


Using drugs to enhance performance is against the rules laid down by the governing bodies of most recognized sports. It damages the image and value of the sport, and contravenes the fundamental principles of sportsmanship and fair competition. It is the responsibility of all competitors and officials to ensure at all times that they are aware of what they put into their bodies. For full details on banned substances and the anti-doping rules by MSA and the FIM, go to


MSA is responsible for ensuring that all event organisers as well as competitors and officials comply with government requirements in so far as the protection of our environment is concerned. MSA wishes competitors in all categories of motorsport enjoyment and satisfaction in participating in their chosen sport while caring for the environment at the same time. MSA desires that motorsport should be an outstanding example to all South African motorists of the care of the environment. For more information on the environmental code go to


We would like to take this time to appeal to all riders, family, friends and supporters for your assistance. Riders, you are representing MSA  and each and every one of the National sponsors. Everyone’s behavior will reflect on how the public views our sport. Inappropriate behavior by any individual will not be tolerated.

  1. Riders are responsible for the conduct of their family and friends.

  2. Anyone that causes any damage to property will be held liable and will be responsible for the cost of repair.

  3. Please respect the staff working at the venue entrance and abide by the rules in place for the event. By entering the premises you accept the terms and conditions by which the event is being run.

  4. Anyone found on track that should not be there will be removed from the premises and prevented from returning.

  5. Credentials must be worn at all times. You may not pass on your credentials to anyone else. We are aware who the credentials are issued to and riders will be held responsible if someone is found to have credentials on that does not belong to them.

  6. Only rider race vehicles may be parked in the pit area. All other vehicles must be parked in the designated public parking area. (If available)

  7. Any riders late for Registration will be liable for a late fee. BE ON TIME!

  8. Helmets to be worn at all times when on any form of motorcycle in the pit area.

  9. Race bikes to be ridden at a walking pace only at all times off track.

  10. Pit bikes, scooters or anything similar are not allowed on track, in the spectator area or in any other official area. Failure to do so will result in a heavy penalty.

  11. No pets allowed.

  12. No fireworks, fire arms or paintball guns.

  13. If something is lost or found please report it to the race secretary.

  14. Within the rider/team space only food and non alcoholic beverages may be consumed.

  15. Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the pits or in the vicinity of fuel or other flammable liquids / materials. Offenders may be penalised by race officials.

  16. It is forbidden for any competitor to consume alcohol while taking part in an event, or in the time period between a competitor completing an event and the relevant race officials at the event giving a decision on any protest and/or appeal that he/she may have lodged. Offenders shall be excluded from the event and shall be reported to MSA for possible further action. Likewise, action may be taken against any competitor where persons associated with him/her cause unnecessary problems for the race officials as a result of being under the influence of alcohol.

  17. Be sure to have your required fire extinguishers and environmental mats.

  18. Make sure you do not leave any trash lying around in your pit area. Use the dustbins supplied or ask for more.

  19. Dumping on the property of fuels, oils or anything similar is strictly prohibited. Dispose of in approved containers only or take with you.

  20. Promotional products may not be distributed without consent from MSA

  21. Sampling of any products, food or beverage is strictly prohibited without consent from MSA

National Dates 2024 (7).png
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